Noelle Mena | ArtistHello! I am Noelle Mena and welcome to my personal website. I have tried many times over the years to have a personal site outside of my business websites. I think because so much of what I do includes being on a website that running a personal one was not enjoyable to me. For years I ran my Web Design/Developing business on this domain. In the past few years I divided that up into two divisions being The Eclectic Designer and Designing for The Creative. It left this domain empty. Temptation has raised up a bit, as here I am! It was time and I am excited to have this in place and see what is coming next. Honestly not trying to build something, just wanting a place to house what might be around the corner.

I feed off atmosphere, it will either energize me, relax me, or exhaust me. The tiniest details of inspiration. Affecting me physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Truth. Because of this I have always been drawn to creating atmosphere.

Although the atmosphere has changed with the seasons that life can bring, I find myself drawn deeper. Simplicity has found its way into my heart and home in Nashville, TN. My apartment is my home, my office and my studio. I left all my furniture to my daughter just down the hill and turned my nashpad into more of an artist’s loft. When I am not creating in my studio, I am creating online in my web design business, The Eclectic Designer and my creative’s division, Designing for The Creative. Designing, developing, building websites and branding has been my full time gig for over 6 years now. My largest project ever is After designing and developing the website for Jeanne and Kelly they offered me a position to stay on Team JO, which I did for about 3 years accepting very few new clients into my queue. As of Feb 2020, I stepped down from JO to be able to pursue projects of my own both through my art and my web design + develop as The Eclectic Designer.

In my studio you would find a wide array of mixed media, along with repurposing to bring in new life. When out and about, once summer is over you’ll find me in the woods, taking in good music, and finding beauty in things most people would never consider. Forever the night owl, mornings are for sleeping, and for never missing a full moon on a midnight sky. So happy you are around and let's see what happens next.