The Process

MenaVisionOnce you decide what Web Package you are interested in there is a Process to what we will do.

The Form Submission is very important to help me get a grasp of where you are and where we want you to be.

We need to understand (yes, you and I)

  • Your Vision Statement, Your Business Goals
  • Who is Your Audience, and how we can best reach them.
  • Your Voice. That will come across in Design and Content. It’s how they are both delivered that we will reach them.
  • Who are others in your Field Online? How can we make You stick out on this huge platform we call the internet?

Note: I do not write your content. You Provide the content for your Web Package and You will have access to Tutorials on how to add more or future content to your site. Content is what will keep them on your site and Connecting with You.

The Start of Designing

  • You send me links to sites you love, and sites you hate.
  • Telling me why? The colors, a color, a font, a layout, a ‘feel’, a feature. 
  • I always say to think in adjectives.
    • Are you drawn to white backgrounds? Love bright colors? Warm? Soothing? Vintage? Retro? Elegant? Sleek? Simple? Funky? Fun?
    • Those same adjectives above can be used for the actual ‘feel’ of your site.
    • Do a Google search and see your competitors. What do you love, hate about their sites?
  • After we start to get a really good understanding of what you like, you will head over to a Photo Image site I use and start looking at images you are drawn to. I have a tutorial for you on how to do this. You will add them to your lightbox so I can login and see what you chose.
    • This is where I really put together the pieces of the puzzle to start creating you samples of ideas. I am always excited to see what images clients were drawn to. Many actually ‘find’ their feel this way. It all starts coming together.
  • I do a couple simple samples for you on the Header of your site. It is the most important and what the rest of the site will revolve around.
    • We do not move on until the header is decided. I work with you… patiently.  🙂 But there is a limit to how many renditions I will do on your header. Clear Communication is Key. You do your homework, I do mine, and we both get an A+
  • For Custom Sites, I get carried away. I love when Ideas come to me, and they always do. I will present you with these and again, your honesty is key to you being happy with your site. Getting back to me quickly is huge.
    • The Creative process is just starting in the Header. I hear every page you pick to be created. If I get a creative idea to use for any specific page, I will share. You can see these over in my Portfolio.
  • We will continue to move through your site, you will be able to access the online document at all times seeing all info pertaining to any accounts I open on your behalf. And Purchases I make on your behalf etc.
  • You must have content ready. If you do not and I have to stop working on your site, I will move to another client and thus meaning your desired time for finishing will be delayed.
  • Upon Completion, I hope you will decide to have the Maintenance Package. This is huge.
  • You will keep all information that was provided during creating your site.
    • No Image files will be given other than the images on your site.
    • No Image I provide can be shared and/or altered for or by someone else.
    • Please See Terms of Services.